The luxury products we use, mixed-in with the relaxing and safe environment we have created here, makes for a very enjoyable experience for your beloved pets.

Whilst in our care your dog will be in a safe and friendly environment, where he/she can spend free time in-between the groom socialising with the other dogs. We find this makes the grooming experience much more enjoyable, I mean, who doesn’t like to meet and play with new friends!

Soapy Dog.jpg

Bespoke pet-grooming services include a 5-10 minute play before any grooming starts, where the dog can become familiar with the grooming room and the noises around them. They then undergo a heath check before any grooming takes place, we check for loose dew claws, warts, ear infections, skin irritations, fleas, ticks anything that we could potentially aggravate during a groom. The dog is then pre-clipped (if needed), ears are cleaned and the nails are clipped, we then head to the best bit... the bath! We wash all our dogs in For All Dog Kind shampoos and conditioners - they range from super soothing to deep cleansing depending on the needs of the dogs coat. The shampoos are so great that we have even been known to use them on our own hair! For All Dog Kind only use natural ingredients in their shampoos such as organic lavender, aloe vera, mandarin oil & eucalyptus oil. All the shampoos are free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals so they can look, feel and smell great....naturally! It is a very indulgent experience, a thorough scrub and massage to the dogs coat removes all the mud and grit from the mornings walk! This ensures that your pooch looks and feels at it’s very best.

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The dog is then dried using hand dryers - NO CAGE DRYERS! This process is good to lift the entire dead coat using the blasting pipe to dry the coat from the root; we then thoroughly brush out all the mats, burrs and sticky-bombs from the coat!

Once the dog is dry and fluffy and smelling great, we start the clipping and scissoring process. This is where YOU come in; it’s really up to you what style we cut your dog in, we advise you as much as you like us too. We are all City and Guild qualified, so we have learnt from the best.


We groom every dog from Yorkies to Standard Poodles so don’t be afraid to ask for something outside of the box! We have been known to give Mohicans in the past so we are open to new suggestions! You can ask for breed specific grooms or a groom that might suit your needs more.

We pride ourselves on how much we all love our job; we want you to love the results just as much as we do, so communication with us is key to a successful and beautiful groom!